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Dec 31 Trail Conditions

31 Dec 2012 1:41 PM | Anonymous
The Kolapore snow gauge is at 23 cm (just under 10").  Because of the rocky terrain in the Kolapore Uplands, this is a thin snow cover.  However, the skiing has been surprisingly good.  Where the trails have been skied it is possible to avoid most rocks, and most wet areas are in reasonable shape.  Caution is still required, particularly on downhills.  And using your "rock skis" is strongly recommended.  (Your skis will probably become rock skis if they don't already have that designation.)  A reminder - the trails at the east end of the County Forest - east of 11 and 5 - are closed due to logging.  If you notice a problem on the trails, please post it here, or send an e-mail to: info@kolaporetrails.org
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