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Some new snow but not enough - yet

18 Jan 2013 11:34 AM | Anonymous
Kolapore received about 10 cm of new snow over the past few days.  This starts the recovery process from the thaw on the weekend, however the trails are not yet skiable.  The thaw was bad enough that some parts of the trails had zero snow cover, and many rocks were sticking out.  The forecast over the next week sounds like there could be quite a bit of snow coming.  You would be wise to wait until there is more snow cover.  Check here for updates. 
Some of the local commercial trails (Scenic Caves and Highlands Nordic at Duntroon) sound like they had more snow than Kolapore, and may be worth trying.  Although they are close to Kolapore, when streamers come off Georgian Bay we find that these areas often get more snow than Kolapore.  This is based on our personal observation, not just on the snowfall that they report on their website!   
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