Kolapore wilderness trails

Conditions improving - Jan 20

20 Jan 2013 5:02 PM | Anonymous
Kolapore had rain last night, followed by 10+ cm of snow.  I did a short ski this morning, and concluded that there is just enough snow to ski satisfactorily on the drier and less rocky trails.  On the rockier trails (I.e., most of the Kolapore trails), you are still likely to frequently encounter rocks.  One additional challenge is that it is possible to ice up, because there is slush under the snow.  Both the thin snow and slush are likely to be fixed if we get the predicted heavy snowfalls and cold weather. 
A reminder that the eastern County Forest trails are closed due to logging.  Although the logging should be completed in the near future, the trails are likely to remain closed because of the poor conditions (rutting and logging debris on the trails.)
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