Kolapore wilderness trails

Jan 22 Trail Conditions

22 Jan 2013 7:40 PM | Anonymous
Fresh snow over the past few days has considerably improved trail conditions.  The Kolapore snow gauge is now up to 20 cm (8").  This provides decent skiing on many trails, although some of the rockier trails and trails under conifers are only "fair".  In spite of the recent cold weather there are still wet spots.  The strong winds on the weekend brought down numerous branches, so caution on hills is desirable.  Please help by removing branches where possible.  If they are too big to remove, please send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org with information about the location, and the trail guides will try to remedy the problem.  The trails at the east end of the County Forest remain closed because of logging.   
Kolapore Trail Guide
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