Kolapore wilderness trails

Jan 25 Update

25 Jan 2013 11:55 PM | trail updates
Kolapore has received several cm of snow since my last post.  However, the overall trail conditions haven't changed a lot, and I will repeat some of the commentary from the previous post.   Snow cover is still around 20 cm (8")  This provides decent skiing on many trails, although some of the rockier trails and trails under conifers are only "fair".   The strong winds last weekend brought down branches, so caution on hills is desirable.  The Trail Guides have cleared some of the more popular trails (Kolapore Church, Paradise Highway, Wild Mouse, Kingsway, Jackrabbit, John's Portage).  However, we have not yet been on other trails.  If you encounter branches on the trail, please help by removing them where possible.  If they are too big to remove, please send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org with information about the location, and the trail guides will try to remedy the problem. 
Kolapore Trail Guide
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