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Ski This Weekend!

01 Mar 2013 6:00 PM | Anonymous
Based on the snow conditions and the weather forecast, I'm very optimistic about the skiing this weekend.  The snow gauge is up to 43 cm (17").  Once the trails are skied in, they should be in good condition.  The only minor note of caution is that there is a light crust under about 10 cm of powder snow - this may necessitate additional caution on some of the steeper trails, especially if you go off the skied-in track.
I skied the east end of the County Forest today.  There is now enough snow to cover almost all of the ruts left by the logging in January, so it is reasonable to ski in this area.  However, some of the intersection numbers are missing.
As I noted in my previous post, the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association is holding a strategic planning session for the Kolapore Trails and the Association on the morning of Saturday March 23.  Anyone interested in the Kolapore Trails is welcome.  Check under the events tab for more information.
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