Kolapore wilderness trails

March 15 Trail Update

16 Mar 2013 10:08 AM | Anonymous
There is still snow on much of the Kolapore trails, although the base is diminishing.  At the snow gauge we have 20 cm (8").  About  5 cm of this is newer snow on top of a firm base (in the bush).  In open areas and on south facing slopes the base can be down to 0.  I skied around County Forest yesterday and would describe the skiing as mediocre.  The trails are starting to develop "reverse tracks", where the old tracks are higher than the adjacent snow.  This happens in the spring because the tracks are compacted, and melt more slowly than the adjacent snow.  The most pleasant skiing  is off track in open deciduous forest - you can go anywhere.  We've had a cm or two of snow overnight.  I'm planning to ski at Scenic Caves today - I think the skiing will be much better than on the Kolapore trails.
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