Kolapore wilderness trails

March 17 Trail Update

18 Mar 2013 2:13 PM | Anonymous
I went out for a St Patrick's Day ski at Kolapore, and it was better than I had expected.  Kolapore received about 5 cm of new snow Saturday night/Sunday morning, which considerably improved skiing from when I was out on Friday.  I skied through the east end of the County Forest (which has some rutted areas because of logging), and then had a pleasant ski around Kingsway, Jackrabbit and John's Portage.  I scraped rocks a few times, so "rock skis" are desirable.  As noted in my previous post, open areas may have very little snow left.   As I've mentioned previously, there is a special public meeting to develop a longer term vision for the Kolapore Trails and the Trails Association on Saturday March 23.  Everyone is welcome - see the events tab for more information
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