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Trail update - November 25, 2013

25 Nov 2013 12:35 PM | trail updates
Ski season on the Kolapore Wilderness Trails started yesterday.  There was 30 - 35 cm of snow at the south end of the trail system.  (Today the snow gauge was down to 23 cm - the snow is settling and melting from the ground up.)  I skied in the County Forest and up John's Portage, and skiing was quite pleasant.  Some caution is required.  Because of the wet summer and fall, there are numerous puddles on the trail, which are now slush under the snow.  In the County Forest the three worst wet spots in the middle of the trail are: between 6 and 11 (it's easy to ski on the north side off the trail); between 6 and 7 (there is an alternate trail marked by flagging tape); and in the usual wet area west of 4.   There are undoubtedly a number of other wet areas, but the one part of the trail system that I would strongly recommend avoiding is the cedar swamp on Quiet Pastures south of 58.  When I cleared this trail in early November, it was awash - the corduroy logs were floating in the puddles.  Please post additional updates - follow the instructions above.  If you are aware of a major problem, please also send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org
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