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Dec 27 Trail Conditions

27 Dec 2013 4:37 PM | Anonymous
Trail conditions at Kolapore today ranged from fair to poor to terrible.  The Kolapore area has over 40 cm of snow, but the crust created by last weekend's freezing drizzle is covered by a limited amount of new snow.  The best skiing is on reasonably level trails that have been skied in, like parts of the County Forest.  Even there, it is possible to break through the crust, and poles are constantly going through the crust.   
I would strongly recommend against trying to ski any steep hills, because the trails will be rutted and it will be easy to break through the crust.  The worst skiing we encountered today was on Southern Crossing west of the 10th line.  Snowshoers had been through at some point, and had broken up the crust, which left a very rough surface for skiing.
Yesterday we skied at Wasaga Nordic, and the skiing was excellent.  They have some challenging single track trails that many Kolapore skiers would enjoy.  There are times when it is worth going to an area with groomed trails!
We need a substantial amount of new snow to improve conditions on the Kolapore trails.
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