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Dec 31 Trail Conditions

31 Dec 2013 11:31 AM | Anonymous
I continue to recommend not skiing on the Kolapore trails.  Kolapore had a slight thaw on Sunday which glazed the trails, which were already suffering from the freezing drizzle the previous weekend.  (See my previous post for more info.) Since Sunday Kolapore has received 2 - 3 cm of new snow - not nearly enough to freshen the trails.
At the moment, the best local classic skiing is probably at Wasaga Nordic.  A number of Kolapore skiers had a good time there yesterday.  A squall was parked over the east side of Wasaga Beach, and the Wasaga trails had about 20 cm of fresh powder.  If you go there, be sure to do the outer loop including Monument Hill and High Dunes.  This is probably the most scenic and most enjoyable groomed trail in the region.
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