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Jan 6 Trail Conditions (afternoon update)

05 Jan 2014 10:40 PM | Anonymous
Since Saturday night the Kolapore area has received about 30 cm of snow.  We received about 18 cm Sunday night - Monday morning.   The Kolapore snow gauge is at 63 cm (25").  FYI, this is the total depth of snow in the forest.  The snow depth on the trails is about half this, which still gives a good base.  
Skiing should be very good this week, as long as you are willing to break trail.  This morning we skied in through County Forest and up Kingsway to 15, and it was "walking on skis" outbound.  Coming back in the same track is was possible to ski a bit.  No hint of rocks - it is probably time to stop using rock skis.
As noted above, we encourage other Kolapore skiers to post updates regarding trail conditions. 
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