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January 8 Trail Conditions

08 Jan 2014 11:01 PM | Anonymous
Winter has definitely arrived at Kolapore.  We had a great ski today on the Kolapore Church - Paradise Highway loop, breaking trail part of the way and then having a broken track.  Skiing was excellent - as noted in the previous post there is over 2 feet of snow in the forest.  You can probably leave your rock skis at home now.  When you are planning your route, think about how much trail breaking you want to do - we did not see any tracks leading off the Kolapore Church - Paradise Highway loop, and no one had been in at the east end of the County Forest.  If you can get out, do so on Thursday or Friday, because the weather forecast for Saturday is depressing.
Grey County has done an excellent plowing job at the Kolapore parking lot.
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