Kolapore wilderness trails

A lovely ski day

31 Jan 2014 9:24 AM | Deleted user
The drive north was dodgey with icy roads and blowing snow, lots of roads still closed. So much recent snow in Kolapore you can put away your rock skis for now. What I wish I had brought was my wide, heavy wooden skis as I found the track lofty in many places so breaking through periodically seemed to be an issue. With more skiers the track will pack down and firm up more. We skied down Red Death...it had been a few years; nothing focuses the mind like a run down this hill in a full tuck. Lots of soft snow if you need to bail.
Kolapore is in full winter mode and an afternoon gliding through the forest, listening to the trees creaking, feeling the wind howl across the top of a ridge all adds up to

 "A lovely ski day!"
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