Kolapore wilderness trails

Fabulous weekend of skiing

17 Feb 2014 10:27 PM | trail updates
Just want to say a HUGE thank you to the dedicated volunteers who maintain the Kolapore Wilderness trails, especially during this exceptional winter. We spent a fabulous Family Day weekend re-discovering the trail network. Saturday enjoyed the "warm-up" on the County Forest trails first, then headed west along Kingsway (11,12,61,13,14) to Jackrabbit (14, 34, 33, 58), south along Quiet Pastures and finished up with the Southern Crossing. All trails were in excellent shape with a bit of fresh snow from Friday night to Saturday. Definitely need a map so as not to get lost in the labyrinth of trails. All sign posts are in good shape and easy to navigate through the system. Sunday enjoyed the circuit from the North parking lot along Kolapore Church trail, then picked up Paradise Highway at 24. More skiers were out in the northern section than the southern section, so the trails were packed down and the two ski tracks weren't always distinguishable, but still, so lovely to ski in a more "back country" setting. More people out meant it was easier to snowplow down some of the steeper slopes. Loads of animal tracks, lots of woodpeckers were heard, gorgeous views of the springs and creeks gurgling along. Unfortunately the snowmobilers were out in force, so occasionally their whine spoiled the silence. We were pleased to meet trail guides at point 34 on Saturday and had a grand chat about the conditions. Again, thank you to you folks who maintain these wonderful trails.
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