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Feb 27 - Trail Conditions improving

27 Feb 2014 2:18 PM | Anonymous
Kolapore now has about 10 cm of powder snow on top of the crust, and skiing conditions are improving.  I went for a short ski this morning (Entrance E through the County Forest to 11, and then around the south end of Kingsway and John's Portage) and the skiing was quite pleasant.  I would still recommend avoiding some of the steeper hills until we get more snow.  There are lots of branches down because of recent high winds, so you should be aware of the possibility of encountering an obstruction.  If you do see branches down, please help us (and other skiers) by tossing them off the trail where possible.  If they require a saw, please send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org  
FYI, the ski season could last quite a while yet - the snow gauge is back up to 63 cm, and a lot of that is a firm base.  One of the few advantages of the recent thaw is that most ski poles won't sink too far into the snow now (unless you have the very small baskets, which don't make sense at Kolapore any time.)
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