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March 24 - Winter is back

24 Mar 2014 9:23 AM | Anonymous
It's amazing how winter is hanging on.  Kolapore received about 20 cm of snow on Friday night/Saturday.  With the cool temperatures the skiing was quite good yesterday, although the sun is strong enough that it is warming the snow.  This can result in clumping when it is warm, or icy tracks when it cools.  There is 78 cm (30") of snow at the snow gauge, so if you like spring skiing, there could be several weeks of skiing left.
Afternoon update:  We did a long ski this morning and early afternoon.  Conditions varied from good to excellent.  South facing and open areas can be a bit crusty or glazed, but still quite good.  North facing slopes still have powder snow.  Ski tracks are in very good shape.  Get out and enjoy it while you can - based on the weather forecast, winter ski conditions are only likely to last another day or two. 
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