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Jan 10 update

09 Jan 2015 2:05 PM | Anonymous

On Friday Kolapore received about 15 cm of snow.  The snow gauge was at 40 cm.  (For those who have looked at earlier postings I know this doesn't add up - the snow is settling.)  Skiing should be excellent this weekend, although there will be a lot of trail breaking on Saturday. Bring your camera - the snow is hanging on the trees.

I'm pleased to report that the Kolapore parking lot is in good shape on Saturday morning - it was plowed late enough yesterday, and there isn't much of a hump from the County plow.  The Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association is arranging and paying for plowing now.  If you want snowplowing to continue, please join the Association or make a donation.  FYI, a skier told us today that there is very limited roadside parking at the County Forest Entrance W.  There is lots of roadside parking at the County Forest Entrance E, just off Grey Road 2.

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  • 10 Jan 2015 5:11 PM | Mary Jane Mcintyre Bob Moenck
    We did Paradise Highway loop from left to right today. Beautiful blue sky, white snow and not a sound but the skis on the trail. All together, we met 8 people over the 3 hours- yes it was slow going in places getting up the hills. Well, there was one sound when I screamed as a bird that had not heard me coming and I did not see, flew up from its spot in the snow to the left of the trail. Partridge perhaps?
    Yes, take the camera.
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