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Jan 16 2015 Trail Update

16 Jan 2015 12:17 AM | Anonymous

Kolapore received about 10 cm of snow early this week, plus another 5 cm+ Friday morning.  The snow gauge is at 36 cm (14").  Over the past two days I've skied Trail to the Summit (one of the wetter and rockier trails) and Southern Crossing for the first time this season, and conditions were quite good.  There are a few wet spots, but it is easy to bypass them. 

If you are coming in at the Kolapore entrance there have been inconsiderate walkers and snowshoers on the trail, so ski conditions on some trail segments will be mediocre until we get fresh snow.  (The snow this morning may have helped.)

As I've noted before, the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association is arranging and paying for snow plowing now at the Kolapore parking lot.  If you want snowplowing to continue, please join the Association or make a donation.  Roadside parking at entrance W (west end of County Forest) is limited.  If you want to access the south end, there is better parking at entrance E, just off Grey Road 2.

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