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March 9 - Freeze/thaw cycle + March 11 update

09 Mar 2015 8:50 PM | Anonymous

Sunday may have been the last day this winter for prime powder snow conditions.  Skiing was great (as it has been most of 2015)!  Temperatures Monday got up to + 3 or 4, so the snow softened, and froze overnight.  On Tuesday I waited until the crust had softened slightly, and had some pleasant skiing in the County Forest.  I went out again on Wednesday, and discovered that a skier out late on Tuesday had frequently broken through the surface, leaving the track very uneven.  I persisted past where the skier had been, and discovered that I was also breaking through the surface, even on well packed trail.  I would describe the skiing as "crappy".  So, it was a short ski today, and it may be the end of my Kolapore skiing for this winter.

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