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15 Feb 2016 5:43 PM | trail updates

Over past two days, I checked out County Forest, John's Portage, Jackrabbit, Trail to Summit, Marc's Folly, Paradise Hwy, Kolapore Church, Wild Mouse, and Kingsway.  Early this morning, I was out again on the Paradise Hwy - Kolapore loop.  With no new snow in past 24 hours, the track is once again very compact, beaten down on slopes.  The snow is very thin for this time of year.  Rock skis recommended.  Snow conditions are better in the southern areas and on connecting trails, though there are some lingering wet-spots on lower Jackrabbit and Trail to Summit. Yesterday, the snow measured 13 inches (31 cm) in County Forest, most of it Friday's snow, which is shrinking swiftly.  Ski with care.  There are plenty of rocks just below the surface.

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