Kolapore wilderness trails

Friday Jan 13 - 5 PM Update

13 Jan 2017 11:15 AM | Anonymous

I skied around County Forest this afternoon, and it's not bad, although the tracks are a bit uneven where skiers have broken through the crust.  There is more snow than I expected (32 cm at the snow gauge), but only 2 - 3 cm of new snow.  Trails that get much use are likely to be fast tomorrow.  I continue to think that it is best to avoid steep trails because of the fast conditions (possibly with ruts) and numerous branches down. 

Based on my survey of the County Forest, I can guarantee that there will be many branches down on the trails - please help with the cleanup.  If it's too big for you to handle, please send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org with a description of the location.

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