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Saturday Feb 11

11 Feb 2017 9:42 AM | Anonymous

Over the past 36 hours Kolapore has received 10+ cm of new snow.  We didn't get much new snow overnight, but we also didn't get the freezing drizzle that was threatened.  Yesterday I skied parts of County Forest, Kingsway and John's Portage, and the skiing was pleasant.  Trails that were "skied in" before Tuesday's freezing rain storm ski relatively well, although my poles (even with larger baskets) kept breaking through the crust.  Off track, skis are likely to break through the crust.  (The crust is about 1 cm thick.)  The Kolapore parking lot was plowed mid-day Friday.

For those who are interested, the snow gauge is at 48 cm, which is the highest it's been at any point this winter.  This means we didn't lose much base in the freezing rain/rain storm this week. 

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