Kolapore wilderness trails

Monday Dec 18

18 Dec 2017 2:29 PM | Anonymous

Kolapore received about 5 cm of snow overnight and this morning.  The snow gauge is just over 25 cm (10").  I skied County Forest this morning, and only touched two rocks, so conditions are quite good in this area.  (Be careful of the perennial wet spot west of 4.)  In contrast, yesterday I did the Kingsway - Jackrabbit - John's Portage loop, and added many new scratches to my rock skis.  Fun skiing, but not for everyone.  That's probably true for the Kolapore Church - Paradise Highway loop as well.  I would strongly recommend staying off Quiet Pastures and the south end of Trail to the Summit - there are likely to be serious wet areas until we have more cold weather.

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