Kolapore wilderness trails

Some "OK" skiing possible

24 Jan 2018 11:19 AM | Anonymous

I skied around County Forest and vicinity this (Wed) afternoon.  The snow gauge shows that there is a total of 28 cm (11") of snow in the bush, of which 10 cm is new powder.  The skiing is mediocre for a number of reasons.  Under the powder there is a hard icy crust.  As I skied along my skis were "skittering" around on the ice, or periodically breaking through the crust.  This will get slightly better after a few skiers have firmed the track.  Lots of rocks and wet areas have re-emerged, and some open areas will only have a thin layer of powder.  You should use rock skis, and take a scraper in case you hit a wet area.  I would strongly recommend staying away from steep or rocky trails.

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