Kolapore Wilderness Trails

Welcome to Kolapore

This is the official website of the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association.

The Association manages a 50 km network of trails in the Kolapore Uplands (about 20 km southwest of Collingwood). The trails are maintained as wilderness ski trails in the winter. When there is snow please NO walking, snowshoeing or dogs. The trails are also maintained for hiking and mountain biking in the summer, where permitted by landowners, and as volunteer resources permit.

Information about the Kolapore Trails is also available on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kolaporetrails

"Paradise Highway", by Ofra Svorai

Updated April 25, 2016

Annual General Meeting – Sat. June 4

The Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association will be held on Saturday June 4, 2016 at 4 PM in Clarksburg. It will be followed by a social hour and potluck dinner. Everyone is welcome to attend both of these events. If you are planning to attend the potluck, please send an e-mail to info@kolaporetrails.org More information is posted on the events page.

County Forest Improvements

We recently had a very positive meeting with representatives of Grey County, and it is likely that there will be substantial trail improvements in the County Forest area this summer. More information will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Today is April 25, 2016

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