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Kolapore wilderness trails

Trail conditions Jan 6, 2012

06 Jan 2012 12:05 PM | Anonymous
There is about 20 cm of snow in the bush.  After this is packed down by skiers, the actual base is about 5 cm.  This is still a bit thin for Kolapore skiing.  Skiing is not bad in the less rocky areas (like County Forest), and yesterday the loop up to 15 via Kingsway, Jackrabbit and John's Portage was quite pleasant (on rock skis).  Popular trails like Paradise Highway - Kolapore Church are getting beaten down, and have rocky and wet areas.  Trails that go through confer forests (like Southern Crossing and Quiet Pastures) are likely to be quite poor, because the trees keep the snow off the ground.  Pray for cold weather and snow! 
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