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Kolapore wilderness trails

SKI Conditions

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  • 23 Jan 2023 11:34 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore had about 2 cm of snow in the past 24 hours.  This probably means that we can upgrade the skiing conditions from "awful" to "poor".  I would recommend waiting until we get more snow mid-week.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 21 Jan 2023 7:10 PM | Anonymous

    I didn't ski today, but bumped into Brian Goodings this afternoon after he finished skiing in the County Forest.  He described conditions as "awful".  This is not surprising, given that there is 2 cm of powder on top of a thin crust.  Kolapore desperately needs more snow.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 17 Jan 2023 1:27 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received freezing rain overnight, followed by rain this morning.  We need colder temperatures and a significant amount of snow to make the trails skiable.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 14 Jan 2023 6:41 PM | Anonymous

    I skied around the County Forest and some adjacent trails this (Saturday) afternoon.  Although the snow gauge is at 12 cm, in the track there is only a few cm, and rocks are sticking out in the track.  It is possible to get some OK skiing on old forest lanes, for example parts of the County Forest.  You should only go out if you have rock skis, or want to create rock skis.  I guarantee that you will get new scratches or gouges on your skis. I strongly recommend against skiing on anything other than the easiest trails - exposed rocks on hills will make skiing dangerous.    Kolapore Trail Guide  

  • 13 Jan 2023 1:25 PM | Anonymous

    I'm sad to report that we only received about 2 cm of snow overnight.  With the thin to non-existent base, there isn't nearly enough snow for skiing.  I'll post again as soon as the situation changes.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 02 Jan 2023 10:40 PM | Anonymous

    With the mild temperatures we've had over the past few days, the snow has continued to melt.  Although there is snow cover in some parts of the forest, there are bare areas on the trails with rocks sticking through.  In the open areas most of the snow is gone.  The trails have been walked on in a number of areas.  So, I think skiing is finished until we get a serious dump of snow.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 31 Dec 2022 12:42 PM | Anonymous

    There is likely to still be slushy snow in the bush, but rocks will be showing through and the snow is disappearing in the open fields.  If you are really desperate to ski, it is probably still possible.  Please don't walk on the trails, because you will leave holes that will persist when the temperature drops.  Kolapore Trail Guide   

  • 29 Dec 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    As I post this at 9 AM, the temperature is already up to +3, and water is dripping off the trees from melting snow.  The trails will still be skiable, but be prepared for wet snow, and wet spots will start to appear on the trails.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 27 Dec 2022 1:30 PM | Anonymous

    The skiing this morning was about as good as it gets at Kolapore.  Good snow cover, most trails had been nicely skied in, and the trees were covered in snow.  There may be a few of the more remote trails that have not yet been skied.  Get out and enjoy before the melt.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 25 Dec 2022 11:30 AM | Anonymous

    There is 40 to 50 cm of snow in the bush (47 cm at the snow gauge) - more than enough for good skiing (if you don't mind breaking trail).  The parking lot at the east end of the County Forest (just off Grey Road 2) has been plowed, and a few skiers have gone in, although not very far.  The Kolapore parking lot has been partly plowed, and some skiers have gone in.  Kolapore Trail Guide

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