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Kolapore wilderness trails

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*Please note the dates on the trail reports. Some of Kolapore's trails take a couple of days to rebound after rainy weather.

  • 06 Feb 2023 10:51 AM | Anonymous

    I did a short ski this (Monday) morning in the County Forest, and the tracks are crusty.  The temperature got up to around +3 yesterday, and the sun was out.  With the colder temperatures the snow has refrozen.  I would rate conditions as fair to poor.  Kolapore Trail Guide  

  • 03 Feb 2023 12:00 PM | Anonymous

    Overnight Kolapore received about 5 cm of new snow.  As I post this at noon, the sun is shining, but the wind is blowing hard.  Today and tomorrow morning might offer OK skiing for hardy skiers.  Kolapore members: the forecast suggests we should have OK temperatures at the time of our moonlight ski on Saturday night, although there could still be some wind.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 31 Jan 2023 4:30 PM | Anonymous

    Over the past two days Kolapore has had several light snow flurries, which have improved trail conditions.  There are still a few rocks that your ski may touch, and the odd wet spot, but overall the conditions are good.  Today was a perfect blue wax day.  And for Kolapore members - remember that there is a moonlight ski and fire on Saturday night.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 29 Jan 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received about 12 cm of new snow in the past 24 hours.  Ski conditions are substantially improved.  Most (but not all) rocks are now covered, and there are only a few wet areas.  The snow gauge is up to 32 cm/13", but this is the uncompacted snow depth.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 26 Jan 2023 11:23 AM | Anonymous

    At the south end of Kolapore we received about 8 - 10 cm of snow yesterday and overnight.  The snow gauge is now at 22 cm, although much of that is loose powder snow.  I did a long ski this morning, and my skis acquired lots of new scrapes.  Skiing is good on old laneways (e.g., most of the County Forest), but on Kingsway, Jackrabbit and John's Portage I was scraping rocks quite frequently.   Rock skis are STRONGLY recommended.   Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 24 Jan 2023 6:52 PM | Anonymous

    One of our active skiers, Brian Goodings, skied several trails at the south end this afternoon, and described conditions as "6 or 7 out of 10".  This is a substantial improvement since his rating of "awful" on Saturday.  Since yesterday morning the south end of Kolapore has received about 6 cm of snow.  With the expected snow, conditions should improve further.  However, I would continue to stick to the less rocky trails in the short term, because there isn't much base.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 23 Jan 2023 11:34 AM | Anonymous

    Kolapore had about 2 cm of snow in the past 24 hours.  This probably means that we can upgrade the skiing conditions from "awful" to "poor".  I would recommend waiting until we get more snow mid-week.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 21 Jan 2023 7:10 PM | Anonymous

    I didn't ski today, but bumped into Brian Goodings this afternoon after he finished skiing in the County Forest.  He described conditions as "awful".  This is not surprising, given that there is 2 cm of powder on top of a thin crust.  Kolapore desperately needs more snow.  Kolapore Trail Guide 

  • 17 Jan 2023 1:27 PM | Anonymous

    Kolapore received freezing rain overnight, followed by rain this morning.  We need colder temperatures and a significant amount of snow to make the trails skiable.  Kolapore Trail Guide

  • 14 Jan 2023 6:41 PM | Anonymous

    I skied around the County Forest and some adjacent trails this (Saturday) afternoon.  Although the snow gauge is at 12 cm, in the track there is only a few cm, and rocks are sticking out in the track.  It is possible to get some OK skiing on old forest lanes, for example parts of the County Forest.  You should only go out if you have rock skis, or want to create rock skis.  I guarantee that you will get new scratches or gouges on your skis. I strongly recommend against skiing on anything other than the easiest trails - exposed rocks on hills will make skiing dangerous.    Kolapore Trail Guide  

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