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Kolapore wilderness trails

County Forest Trails now open, but some problem areas (updated Feb 19)

19 Jan 2022 12:33 AM | Anonymous

The Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association was advised January 17 that logging has been completed in the County Forest, and that the trails can be reopened.

Kolapore volunteers have done an assessment of trail conditions and some trail cleanup, but more will be needed in the spring.  Trails east of 6 and 7 were unaffected by the logging.  Although there was quite a bit of rutting by logging equipment, in most sections of the trail the snow has smoothed out the ruts.  Between 4 and 5 some skiers may prefer the lower, flatter, informal trail. Remediation work will be required in the spring to permanently fix the ruts. 

During the logging, a number of intersection signs and numbers were removed, and won't be reinstalled until the spring.  Temporary numbers will be installed at key intersections.

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