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Kolapore wilderness trails

Good Friday - Ski Season has ended (but not time for hiking or biking yet)

07 Apr 2023 9:32 AM | Anonymous

Although there are still patches of snow, ski season has ended.  We are now into spring thaw.  We would prefer that people stay off the trails for several weeks while they dry out a bit.  Trail use at this time has the maximum negative impact.  This is particularly true for the parts of our trail system that are in lower, moister areas.  They can quickly get churned into a sea of mud.  Some trails dry out faster than others, e.g., Kolapore Church and parts of County Forest.  However, if you want to support "sustainable trails", it would be best to defer use for a while.


  • 07 Apr 2023 10:31 PM | trail updates
    Thanks 'anonymous' for your regular snow conditions updates. Much appreciated. And a big thank you for the well plowed parking lots.
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